I’m Zakky,

I have been working in IT field for some years. Now I am working at one of the biggest startup company in Southeast Asia. I like to learn about IT especially in computer network & system and programming.

If you wanna find a friend to share experiences each other, learning together or just drinking a cup of a coffee, you can contact me.

My Blog.

If you want to read my articles, you can visit my blog. I have been writing many simple articles about cisco, python, and etc. I wrote the articles starting from basic knowledge to make it understand easier. I have been writing articles to stimulus the readers to always learn.

"Let's learn from the simplest :)"

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My Interests.

  • Cisco Networking
  • Python Programming & Scripting
  • Linux
  • IT Security

My latest Work.

Big Startup Marketplace Company.

Corporate IT, Engineer


Big Startup Marketplace Company.

Aug 2019 - Now

I have been working here as IT engineer. Enjoying working with Cisco devices, Microsoft OS and Server based, Microsoft Powershell, and a little part of some linux servers. Helping user to support their job and solve their problem are the part of the challenge.

Archipelago International Hotel's Group

IT Supervisor


Archipelago International Hotel's Group

Jan 2017 - Aug 2019

Starting my professional job as IT Officer for the first year. And then getting the next position level as IT Supervisor. Manage and responsible for all IT infrastructure.

Contact Me.

  • zkymuhammad@gmail.com
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia